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About RT & AP Mediation and Law Group

At RT & AP Mediation Law Group, we're passionate about helping individuals and companies resolve their disputes efficiently and fairly. As one of the leading minority-owned mediation and consulting companies in Florida, we believe in taking a compassionate yet practical approach to every case we handle. Our team of experienced mediators is trained to listen attentively and understand the nuances of each case, providing customized solutions designed to suit each client's unique needs.

Meet Ms. Neutral

Rebekah Taylor Headshot- Pink Jacket.jpeg

Rebekah Taylor, Esq.


Rebekah Taylor is certified by the Florida Supreme Court in both family law and circuit civil mediation. With a robust background in facilitating conflict resolution, Rebekah brings a wealth of expertise and a compassionate approach to her mediation practice.

Rebekah’s approach to mediation is rooted in the belief that every conflict presents an opportunity for growth and positive change. She is committed to creating a neutral and safe space where parties can openly communicate and work together towards mutually beneficial outcomes.

Before transitioning to mediation, Rebekah was a seasoned attorney with over 12 years of experience, specializing in criminal law, dependency law, family law, and plaintiffs' personal injury and PIP. This extensive legal background enriches her mediation practice, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of various legal issues and disputes.

Beyond her professional achievements, Rebekah finds joy in cycling, exploring new places through travel, and cherishing moments with family and friends. Her commitment extends to community service as the Chair of the Advocate for Social Justice Committee with Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated and previously serving on the Florida Bar YLD Board of Governors and currently serving on the Florida Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Section and the Florida Bar Solo and Small Firms Section. Rebekah is also very active in her legal community locally, serving as the Secretary for the Paul C. Perkins Bar Association, Community Service Chair for the Orange County Bar Association, and Awards and Grants Assistant with Seminole Florida Association of Women Lawyers. Additionally, she holds the position of Board Chair for the non-profit Legacy, Education, and Arts Foundation.

With a passion for both the intricacies of law and making a positive impact in her community, Rebekah Taylor seamlessly combines legal expertise with a dedication to social justice and philanthropy. Her multifaceted career and personal interests underscore her holistic approach to mediation and her unwavering commitment to fostering understanding and resolution.

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